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eWater Revitalizing

Shower Filter

Use ANY other shower filter. Then use mine! One shower will define the difference. Just make sure they have a solid money back guaranty! Mine has a six month money back guaranty! Travel or in the home, or both. Fill you bath through your shower filter when possible. Get spoiled. Order yours now! Makes a wonderful gift that is remembered every day, every shower!

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Used by Doctors and their patients for over 25 years!

The unique flow dynamics through KDF/Carbon, powerful magnetics and far infrared structure and energize your shower like nothing else available! Truly a Home Health Spa in your shower for beautiful skin and hair, and so much more!

What My Clients Say About My Shower Filter

These are some of my clients I have worked with personally and have helped them restore their youthful appearance, healthier looking skin and hair, and so easy to install you can travel with your shower filter and a little channel lock wrench.

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