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Harmony Health 

Quanta Energy Mug

The Ultimate Resource to Secure Your Cell Function Energetically once you have restored with either Quanta Water or Harmony Drops, every 30 minutes for 30 Days! 


Takes any liquid placed in the Quanta Mug up to 255,000 BioAngstroms in just two minutes. Anything container placed in the mug will do the same in 3-5 minutes, and even a gallon placed on the mug will go to 255,000 BioAngstroms in just 15 minutes.

Most tap water, before or after purification, is only about 2,300 BioAngstroms. Neutral would be 6500. Old mug took liquids to about 40,000, which is not enough to counter the electronic overwhelm today. Quanta Water is approx. 2.76 Million BioAngstroms, or true zero point. Sip a half tsp every 30 days to get over 60% (must use a timer or you will fail). Within 3 days you will start utilizing your nutrition more efficiently. Within 15-30 days you will be sleeping better than you have in months or years. At this point the Quanta Mug will maintain your cell function and very slowly increase by one or two percent each month.

Saves the cost of the mug in less than two months per person, even at full normal discounted price.

Discounts for multiple purchases. Pricing may change at any time! 

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Fred's Technologies have been used by Doctors and their patients for over 25 years!

Fred's unique understanding of nearly all forms of healthcare and support for the body gives him a unique ability to work with the body's natural intelligence for outstanding response and lasting results.

New Harmony Health Quanta Energy Mug Supports Optimal Hydration and Cell Function Energetically, Helping counter the cellular shutdown from massive electronic overwhelm in our environment today!

No other Technology available today can perform or obtain the results as your New Quanta Mug Technology can provide!

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