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eWater.com gifting you a complete set of energizing dinnerware! 

At No Additional Cost

This is absolutely real. A complete set of our new ENERGIZING DINNERWARE at no additional cost when you purchase either two replacement Shower Filter Modules with our Quanta Water Technology now embedded, to revitalize and energize your skin and hair with every shower or bath. Or, with the purchase of our NEW eWater.com Revitalizing Shower Filter with Quanta Water Technology.


We want your enthusiastic testimonials on these items.


That simple. For many people the idea that their water is full of chemicals and now negative energy, draining their children’s energy while destroying their healthy skin and hair is new.  

Fred Van Liew is known as the water doctor for a reason. His solutions remain the absolute best, and his information the most accurate in the industry. His solutions providing protection from today’s electromagnetic overwhelm from tens of thousands of satellites, Smart Meters, WiFi, 5G and more are unmatched in the market place.  

Fred bases everything on how the body is responding to the protection, not theory or contrived testing protocols. Same Testing, which will and can be validated by invitro testing for those who wish to spend the money, is used on everything. 

No gimmicks.  

Here is our offer: To obtain baby butt skin on your face and beautiful hair in just days (actually first shower is awesome), purchase the eWater.com Revitalizing Shower Filter, now with Quanta Water technology, discounted from $199. To $171 and you will receive a complete set of 3 piece energizing dinner ware (8” plate, 10 oz glass, 26 oz bowl) at no charge. 

Value of the ENERGIZING DINNERWARE: Each piece has been discounted to $59 from $89, giving you a discounted value of $177. More than you pay for the shower filter.

*Gifted Dinnerware set added automatically to your shopping cart.

Already have our eWater.com Shower Filter and want to upgrade to the Quanta Water module(s)? Order two replacement modules, normally $105/each, discounted to just $89/each, for a total purchase of just $178. Receive the complete three piece ENERGIZING DINNERWARE, discounted price of $177, at no additional cost.

Find out more on these by using the links above or down below. 

We are offering this incredible deal for the last days of April only! We want your legitimate testimonials, as we believe it will help others who, unlike you, have not experienced our technologies and their benefits before. 

That is a huge market we want to reach and help, so we wish to reward you up front for helping us. If you do not find our technology superior and exciting in every way, you still get to keep our gift to you.

 Pay only $21 s&h either choice. Your total cost either $199 or $192, and receive your set of energizing dinnerware at no additional charge. Total discounted value nearly $400, retail well above that. 

You have a few days only to decide.

Please choose wisely. Our SIX MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTY will still be your confidence, however all items must be returned for a refund, no questions asked. 

Should you break any appliance within a 2 year period, our “Oops!” replacement guaranty will keep you affordably in your chosen technology. Just 25% of the full retail of any item and we replace it. A small shipping charge will be added. Looking forward to continuing to build an ongoing relationship with you and perhaps your friends and family members.  

Fred Van Liew, the Water Doctor himself, is so pleased with these items he welcomes you to text him or call him directly with questions or appreciation. 214-878-2568 He personally uses these, and whole heartedly recommends them.

ewater filter

Revitalizing Shower Filter w/ Quanta Water Technology

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ewater filter

Revitalizing Shower Filter Replacement Module 2 Pack - Quanta Water Upgrade

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